Whats an EMP Attack

usa emp attack map

Do you find yourself asking, what is an EMP Attack and should I be preparing for it?

What is an EMP attack?  An EMP definition is referring to an electromagnetic pulse.  This pulse will render any electronic device within its range inoperable.  Inoperable.  This is the life that we live today as we know it.  Imagine the scale of this.  Cell phones, computers, cars, the power grid...all power gone!  Basically an EMP can set us back to the stone ages.  

This is not something that we could overcome quickly.  All electronics are useless and would have to be recreated.  This is not like life after a big natural disaster that leaves you without power for a few days or week.  

Some studies have estimated that if an EMP attack were to fall on the United States of America that within the first year after such an attack that less than 10% of the population would still be alive!  That is a number that is unimaginable.  

To give yourself and your loved ones a chance, prepping is something that we need to start doing and start doing now.  

Such an attack would not allow you that ability to run to the local grocery store to get more food, water, and supplies.  The amount of chaos that would arise as a result of such an attack could empty store selves within hours and further more without law enforcement and emergency assistance.  

To give us a chance we are putting together several sections within EMP to help us prepare.  Sections which refer to basic prepping, specific EMP prepping gear, books and reference material to better inform you and to arm you with knowledge on how to live in such a situation.  

Basic Prepping

Here we reference supplies related to basic prepping which is a foundation to prepping for an EMP attack

EMP Protection

Here we extend our basic prepping with specific items related to EMP

Reference Books

Here we include some reference material that we recommend related to EMP attacks and EMP Books