emergency candles survival candles

Emergency Candles

Emergency Candles

Emergency candles are a great source of light when the power goes out.  They provide light for a long duration allowing them to be used more than once and allow you to conserve your batteries for other items while not being stuck in the dark.  This particular set of candles includes 3 candles and each of them can provide light for over 115 hours!

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Emergency Candles feature:

  • Three emergency candles – each lasting 115 hours +
  • Liquid paraffin which is odorless and smokeless
  • Comes with a plastic storage cap, to reduce messy spills
  • Great gift for family, friend, or neighbor
  • A must have for your at home emergency kit


This candle is clean-burning and burns liquid paraffin, odorless and smokeless, making it great for indoor use. Keep one handy with a book of matches taped to it for your next power outage. The liquid fuel is sealed inside, with only the wick exposed. You can extinguish, and use again and again. A very safe source of light! Set of 3 candles. This candle should be used only with adult supervision. Remember, safety first!


Have you been looking for a great addition to your bug in supplies?  Maybe you are putting together a hurricane or tornado kit.  Or maybe you live in colder climates and lose power as the snow piles up.  Whatever the situation, these candles can provide much needed light when the power goes out and holding a flashlight just won’t do.

emergency candles survival candles
emergency candles


This kit comes with great price so we recommend picking up more than one set so that you will be prepared for whatever comes your way.  Having multiple sets can allow you to store these in various places so that you are not searching for them when the lights go out.

Also, don’t forget to check out our blog for other great ideas and items besides the Emergency Candles described above.  Also, food prepping is a great next step in your preparedness.  Be sure to check out our food recommendations.

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