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Water Storage Containers for Prepping

Water Storage Containers for Prepping – Prepper Water Storage

As preppers, we find ourselves looking for the best EDC, the best self defense items, the latest gear but the most important item of all that often gets overlooked is water.  Water is absolutely critical but we often lose sight of it when putting together our supplies.  Here we cover water storage containers.

We can only last 3 days without water.  3 days!  We buy all of this gear to survive almost every situation but it will not serve us any good if we are not around to use it.

Preppers should have more than one way to obtain water but minimally should have a good initial supply to get us through tough times while we focus on other elements for survival.

A good rule is to have 1 gallon of water per person per day.  A case or two of bottled water from your local grocery store is going to go and it is going to go fast.  Let’s put this in to perspective.  You are a family of four and you have to go one week without water supplied from your household plumbing.  That is 28 gallons of water that you will need and that is just to get by.  1 case of water is roughly 2.25 gallons.   That is over 12 cases of water you will need to have on hand.  Now let’s say you go 2 weeks without running water.  that is over 24 cases of water to get the 56 gallons that you will need.  But at 2 weeks your needs will most likely exceed 1 gallon per person per day.

We need water to:

  • Drink
  • Food Prep and Cooking
  • Bath
  • Clean clothes
  • First Aid

Water Storage Containers is a great backup to any system that you might have in place.

Something simple like this 55 gallon water barrel (below) is a great start!  This is actually a kit which includes a siphon, caps, and water treatment.  This is a great first purchase and then you can build on this with additional 55 gallon water barrels.


Get yours here ==> Ultimate 55-Gallon Water Barrel Combo

With this water barrel you can begin collecting fresh water to have on hand when you need it most.

Now don’t stop here.  You still need a plan on how to filter water should this run dry before you are able to get fresh water from the tap.

Check out our post related to water filtering here   You should have a way to store, collect, and filter water.  Any great prepper kit should include some type of water storage containers, a way to collect fresh rain water (which you could reuse this barrel to accomplish that after you have used up the water in it), and a way to filter water from other water sources.


If you are so inclined, perhaps you’d prefer a bigger water storage option.

Below is a great large water container that holds 160 gallons!

Get yours here ==> 160-Gallon Water Reserve

You also get an even greater discount if you order more than one and the great part is that they are stack-able so you can have a large storage capacity that doesn’t take up a ton of space.

Don’t forget to check out our post related to water filtering here and we hope you find this article helpful for finding  great water storage containers to help you stock up a good water supply.

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